Huilo-Huilo Reserva Natural Biosfera,The Lakes District, Chile

Huilo-Huilo Reserva Natural Biosfera is in The Lakes District, Chile.The road to Puerto Fuy on Lago Pirihueico parallels Río Huilo Huilo, which tumbles and falls through awe-inspiring scenery. Huilo-Huilo Reserva Natural Biosfera, encompassing 1000 sq km of private land, has developed the area for low-impact ecotourism and runs two spectacularly insane hotels: La Montaña Mágica, a Frodo-approved spire with a fountain spewing from the top and full of kitschy furniture and supernatural design touches; and the new Hotel Baobob, a Gaudi-inspired inverted cone suspended in the treetops with a restaurant serving international cuisine with Mapuche touches. The reserve offers numerous outdoor adventures (trekking, climbing, mountain biking.

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