Museo Casa de Ernesto Che Guevara,Alta Gracia, Argentina

Museo Casa de Ernesto Che Guevara is situated in the city of Alta Gracia, Argentina.In the 1930s, the family of youthful Ernesto Guevara moved here because a doctor recommended the dry climate for his asthma. Villa Beatriz was recently purchased by the city and restored as this museum. Its cozy interior is now adorned with a photographic display of Che’s life, and a couple of huge photos commemorating a recent visit from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.Always the busy life of Ernesto Che Guevara is interesting and is in the house occupied by the family during his childhood in Alta Gracia we discover another facet: the concerns of adolescents. We join a guided walk from the center to the neighborhood Carlos Pellegrini , through the Sierras Hotel and several of the houses where Che lived. Bethlehem, our guide, took care of family members reveal details became known through the years.arrived at Villa Nydia, a simple house with classic Cordoba gallery and large rooms where the family lived for several years Guevara. There, the dry air and allowed Ernesto Cordova recover from his chronic asthma. rooms The tour follows the chronology of his life, highlighting those who influenced him and that they were molded from an early age.


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