Panteón Nacional,Caracas, Venezuela

Panteón Nacional is a building on the northern edge of the old town of Caracas, Venezuela. It was originally built as a church, but is now used as a famous burial place. The entire central nave is dedicated to Simón Bolívar, with the altar’s place taken by the hero’s bronze sarcophagus, while lesser luminaries are relegated to the aisles. The national pantheon’s vault is covered with 1930s paintings depicting scenes from Bolívar’s life, and the huge crystal chandelier glittering overhead was installed in 1883 on the centennial of his birth.The entire central nave of the imposing National Pantheon is dedicated to national hero Simón Bolívar, underlining the almost saint-like reverence with which he is held in Venezuela. His bronze sarcophagus is placed in the chancel, and the path to reach his tomb is covered by a ceiling filled with paintings of Bolívar’s life, all done by Tito Salas in the 1930s.

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