Parque Revolución,Guadalajara, Mexico

Wonderful Revolution of the Park ,which is also known as the Revolution of 90 , was a civilian-military uprising produced in Argentina on July 26 of 1890 led by the newly formed Civic Union , led by Leandro Alem , Bartolomé Mitre , Aristobulus Valley , Bernardo de Irigoyen and Barroetaveña Francisco , among others. The revolution was defeated by the government, but still led to the resignation of President Miguel Juárez Celman , and its replacement by Vice President Carlos Pellegrini . Once created the Civic Union, formed a Revolutionary Junta and started contacts between opposition political leaders and military sectors unhappy with Roquismo . In particular military lodge was formed to support the Civic Union, which had the sympathy of the young officers and was known as the Lodge of the 33 officers . Their leaders were Captain Joseph M. Sumblad Castro, Captain Diego Lamas, Lt. Thomas Vallee and Lieutenant José Félix Uriburu . The latter 40 years later would lead the coup that overthrew Hipólito Yrigoyen . 6The military lodge offered support Alem 1st Infantry, 1st Artillery, 5th Infantry, the engineer battalion, a company of the 4th and a group of cadets from the Military Academy. Simultaneously Alem contacted officials with the Navy, led by Navy Lieutenant Ramon Eduardo Lira and O’Connor, and soon had the support of the entire fleet.On May 29 of 1890 Valley Aristobulus , who was a senator, denounced in Congress that the government was conducting clandestine currency issues, noting that were the main cause of gravity that had reached the crisis. The denunciation of the Valley had a great impact on public opinion and would remain in the months following the discrediting government deeper.In those days Alem obtained to support the revolution of Brigadier Viejobueno Sunday, Chief Park Artillery located in the Plaza Lavalle , a little less than a thousand meters from the Casa Rosada .In June of 1890 the government was in default of the debt he had with the house Baring Brothers , a fact which caused great discontent among foreign investors. 7That same month the Revolutionary Council was composed of Leandro Alem , Aristobulus Valley , Demaría Mariano , Juan Jose Romero, Manuel A. Ocampo, Miguel Goyena, Lucio V. López , José María Cantilo, Hipolito Yrigoyen , Generals Manuel J. Campos and Sunday Viejobueno, Colonels Julio Figueroa and Martin Irigoyen, and the commander Joaquin Mountain. On July 17 of 1890 General Campos met with about 60 officers and sailors to communicate the plan. The revolution would break out on July 21 at 4:00. The rebel forces are concentrated in the Artillery would be installed where the Revolutionary and receive orders. Simultaneously, the fleet had to bomb the Casa Rosada and the headquarters of Retirement to prevent government troops could meet, and force them to surrender by a combined attack by land and water. Meanwhile, militant groups should take prisoners Celman President, Vice President Pellegrini, War Minister General Levalle, and Senate President Julio A. Roca, and cut the railroad and telegraph. The marginal role assigned to the militia was resisted by Alem, who sought to impart a strong civil revolution, but eventually won the views of military leaders. At the same meeting Campos said the 11th Cavalry Regiment, led by General Palma, added to the revolution. The media had a huge effect among revolutionaries, because the body was more loyal to the government. However, it was a trap.


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